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CNA prep Classes:
We offer a complete preparation review for the candidate preparing for the C.N.A Florida Certification exam. We include hands on experience while you perform all 21 skills on each other and on our manikins. We are aware of all of the clinical requirements needed to pass the exam and are especially careful to include the importance of maintaining universal precautions and residents rights.

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that a number of our clients have gone on to become LPN's, RN's and Therapists. We lead with an atmosphere of compassion and hope that you will treat your patients, residents and clients in your care the same way. We tailor our courses to meet our customers needs and have Review nights- twice weekly- free to our clients who have their test date. Tours of the test sites are available twice a month in both locations. We do everything possible to take away the anxiety that is associated with testing. We also offer 2 week, 4 week, morning and night prep courses at our 7 sites in Volusia & Flagler County. We have 34 courses a week and we're now offering a new Spanish CNA Prep course.


We are a C.N.A Prep Company

We are totally committed to preparing you to take and pass the Florida CNA Certification Exam.

We are NOT a school- We do NOT offer certificates of completion,

We do not require a student enrollment.

We provide a Regional Test Site at our Deland office. (235 N. Woodland Blvd.)

We will help you with the application process and answer any questions you have about the CNA Requirements for Florida.

Anyone can challenge the CNA exam in Florida. If you challenge it 3 times in 2 years and do not pass, you MUST then pay the tuition and attend a 120 hour school. It is for this reason and many others, that we have developed a CNA prep course. We do offer 2 week, 4 week and weekend classes with free refresher classes to our clients.

If you have done this type of work before - If you have cared for a sick loved one - If you are moving here from out of state and were a caregiver in another state - If your mother or grandmother were CNA's or nurses and you are very familiar with the nursing home or hospital setting - OR if you just cannot afford the 120 hour courses available, and you want to start a new career - the CNA PREP COURSE is for you. I am the owner and President of Patty Mac Inc.; I am also an RN, and the administrator for ATEC in Deland.

ATEC (ALPI Technical Education Center) in Deland, FL.
is a school where we offer the 120 hour State Approved CNA Course.

If you have NEVER done anything in the Health Care Field and want a fuller understanding of the role of the C.N.A, Nutrition and Disease processes in patients/residents as well as a 40 hour rotation in the nursing home - the 120 hour CNA Course is for you.

With the 120 hour course you will receive a 120 hour certificate.
You may go to work with this certificate while waiting to take the state test-(If the facility will accept it).
We are often asked “What is the difference between the Prep Course and the 120 hour CNA Course?” and I hope this clears up some of your questions.

CPR and FIRST AIDE CLASSES: (and American Red Cross):
Basic First Aid
Basic Wilderness & Wilderness First Aid
Bloodborn Pathogens
Child and Babysitting Safety
CPR/AED (Community & Workplace)
Emergency Oxygen Administrations
EMR for Adults (Workplace)

Pet First Aid
CPR Pro ( Professional -level BLS)

Future Classes:
1. CEU's for CNA and Nurses
2. Med-Tech training for CNA's

NOW OFFERING: Babysitting Classes: 2 day class (8hours total)


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